We all face the issue of a weak internet or no internet on our home network. Only having a quality router doesn’t cater wifi need. Not all routers are capable of providing extended network coverage. No matter how powerful your wifi router is, still there is a chance of dead zone in your home network.

Linksys RE7000

Features of Linksys RE7000

  • MU-MIMO (Multi user- Multiple Input Multiple Output): As the name suggests, multiple devices can operate simultaneously without interfering each other speeds. HD streaming and online gaming is possible on multiple devices at the same time.
  • Maximum coverage area: A user can extend the range of router up to 10,000 square feet. Eliminate the dead zones from your home by installing Linksys RE7000
  • Spot Finder: This technology is helpful in finding the perfect position for your extender. It determines whether the range extender is in the range of your existing router or not.
  • Compatible with any router: This Linksys extender RE7000 is compatible with any wireless router so, you need not to worry about changing the router.
  • High speed: Simultaneous dual band provides better speed than a single frequency band extender. 5 GHz provides high speed for video streaming and online gaming.
  • Beamforming: This technology focuses on providing the internet speed to connected devices only. Rather than spreading the Wi-Fi signal in all directions, it provides the signal in the direction of device.

Linksys RE7000 setup

If you have purchased a Linksys RE7000 then next step is to install the extender. We are providing here some simple steps to install this Linksys range extender. You can setup this extender as an Access Mode also but here we will set it up as an extender.

  1. Supply power to your range extender by plugging it into power outlet.
  2. Log into a computer and connect it to the network of your Linksys extender RE7000.
  3. Open an Internet browser. In the address bar of the browser, type extender.linksys.com. You can also use IP address to start the setup.
  4. Click on start setup button. Create a password on the next screen and then select set it up as an extender.
  5. Choose your wireless network. And create a network name and password for both 2.4 GHz band network and 5 GHz band network.
  6. Spot finder finds the position for your extender and you will see the same in this mode only.
  7. The firmware update starts automatically if any available. Otherwise, finish the setup process.

If you have any trouble while installing the Linksys RE7000 using http //extender.linksys.com then get in touch with us through the live chat window provided.